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Y Hotel for "tide" successfully verifies the business model of high level efficiency

2019/10/15 10:05:33
Walking into the hotel lobby, the original formal front desk transforms into a multi-dimensional complex space. Here are the reception desk, mini-blues jazz bar, Ycafe, Characteristic Super Shop and other scenes. In addition, there are also cool K songs, trendy VR games and dynamic bicycle and other highly social game scenes. They attract the attention of young consumers in the bright and concise color atmosphere.
"Social love" has become a recognized group impression of young people. At the same time, in order to meet the needs of young people, mid-range hotel brands have wisely chosen the key word "social", they grasp the natural attraction of face value, sense of science and technology, hobbies to the current young people, or fashion, or intelligence, or interesting, brand tonality and differentiated labels are obvious, very suitable for social (punching cards); and public areas often become "social" of. Important offline scenes.
Unlike most mid-range hotels without catering, Y Hotel has tailored itself to its product positioning and consumer groups to create a fashionable water bar, YK Cafe. YIKA tea blends classical coffee and fruit drinks, net red dirty tea, etc. It conforms to the consumption characteristics of Generation Y. It combines fashionable drinks culture with hotel space perfectly to create better living experience and social space for young people.
Characteristic Shangchao is an effective attempt of Y Hotel to build the mode of "B2C e-commerce platform shopping + physical store chain operation + offline theme exhibition". It selects snacks and special items that new customers like, and strives to meet the shopping needs of young people in different places, so as to truly realize the creation of multi-dimensional space for business and travel.
Y hotel not only occupies the minds of young consumers, but also gains the favor of investors. This is the reason why Hanyue Hotel Group keeps polishing Y Hotel. In recent years, with the continuous escalation of domestic consumption demand, further promoting the reform of the supply side of tourism consumption, which also prompted more diversified accommodation formats and brands to start flooding into the mass consumer market.
Economical hotels that can only meet the core accommodation needs fall into the marsh of small profits. On the one hand, the ability to get customers is declining, on the other hand, the rent and human costs are rising. Everyone is thinking about how to transform and upgrade. However, due to the limited funds and the fierce competition in the market itself, they can not find suitable products. In addition, there are still a large number of investors in the market who have good conditions and the rent is about 65 to 70 yuan or less than 45 yuan, but the total one-time investment budget is less than 6 million.
Y hotel, which is based on the painful point of investors, has just solved this problem. Only the cost of investing in economy hotel can get the hotel products of middle-end and simple quality. In addition to the innovative products mentioned above, which can effectively break through the traditional hotel products and create a high-efficiency complex space, Hanyue Hotel Group also relies on its own decoration project and troika advantages, which can provide strong support for investors to reduce the cost by 10% - 20%.
New product form, younger accommodation experience, lobby scenario business model, low investment and high return on investment model provide obvious advantages for Y hotel market expansion. According to the latest market expansion data of Hanyue Hotel Group, since the opening of its first store in December 2018, Y Hotel has opened nearly 30 so far, and the number of contracted projects is as high as 50.
On the cusp of changing consumption trends, brands catering to young consumers will gain lasting vitality. It is revealed that in the future, Y Hotel will focus on the first-tier cities, the first and second-tier business circles in the second-tier cities, and the core business circles in the third and fourth-tier cities. This will strongly support the continuous improvement of the brand matrix of Hanyue Hotel Group and strive to move forward.

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