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The transition of culture and tourism ushered in an important turning point

2019/10/14 13:35:39
During the National Day, more than 500,000 people visited the four scenic spots of Xinhua United. Among them, Xinhua Lianhua Tongguanyao Ancient Town in Changsha received 150,000 visitors during the National Day, with business income exceeding 10 million yuan; Xinhua Lianhuazi Ancient Town received more than 120,000 visitors, a record high; Xining Xinhua Lianhuan Tongmeng Paradise welcomed nearly 70,000 visitors; Langzhong Ancient Town in Sichuan received more than 160,000 visitors. Compared with the accumulated data of more than 100,000 people in the four scenic spots of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the passenger flow of the four scenic spots of Xinhua Union in the "11" Golden Week has achieved a leap-forward improvement.
Relevant head of Xinhua Liaison said that the company's initial intention of listing is to become a famous enterprise in China, the brand value should be greatly strengthened, so a new development path has been determined, that is, to take the road of cultural tourism. China's cultural tourism has great potential for development. The cultural tourism of Xinhua Federation should become the leading force in China's tourism industry. In the future, Xinhua Lianhe Wen Tour will continue to practice the deep integration of culture and tourism, dig deeply into the cultural characteristics of scenic spots, create regional tourism business cards, and bring more and more innovative tourism experience to tourists.
Xinhua Union said that the company's cultural tourism project is to win with cultural IP, so that traditional culture will be renewed vitality. In the future, Xinhua Union will continue to strive to disseminate Chinese traditional culture, refine the operation and management of cultural tourism, build a benchmark in the field of cultural tourism, bring more tourists a perfect travel experience, and contribute to the cause of cultural tourism in China.
With the upgrading of national consumption and diversification of consumption modes, in recent years, cultural tourism projects are gradually emerging and favored. Many Housing enterprises are also seeking to transform to the cultural tourism industry, which has become an important part of industrial planning and economic stimulation. Cultural tourism project is a highly comprehensive project type, which is characterized by large investment, long payback period, heavy operation and capital operation. Therefore, the clear understanding and selection of project positioning, operation and capital design in the initial stage of project development determines the success or failure of the project.
Xinhua Federation said that although Wenlu and real estate are both constructions, one is the end of construction, the other is the beginning of construction, which is totally different. New Hualian has great advantages in scenic area construction and operation. In addition, Xinhua Union also has its own industrial chain layout, such as travel agencies, cultural tourism design institutes, hotel management companies and so on. The internal advantages of the transformation of cultural tourism are very significant.
In order to meet the development needs of Xinhua Federation, and at the same time to meet the market and ensure efficiency, Xinhua Federation finally determined the "ancient town + children's paradise" cultural tourism business model. This model can not only enrich the connotation of the project, but also meet the needs of consumers at different levels. In terms of operation, the company adopts the "self-sustainment + sales" mode of all the core scenic spots, peripheral pavement and residential projects to ensure the circulation of funds. It can not only balance short-term and long-term returns, but also achieve a high degree of unity between shareholders'interests and the development of the company.

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