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Can social hotels bring high returns?

2019/10/13 12:48:30
With the upgrade of consumption, hotels need to constantly enhance added value, and social hotels have become the current consumer hot spot. It can be said that in the change of lifestyle and economic form, more emphasis is placed on community and customer stickiness, thus promoting social hotels. The rise of middle-end social hotels is closely related to the behavioral characteristics of the Millennium generation. Millennials pay attention to the quality of life and pursue individuality. They have maintained a high degree of familiarity and participation in social and social activities since childhood. These post-80s and post-90s have become the main consumers, accounting for one third of the total Hotel customers.
The so-called social hotel is a lifestyle hotel which strengthens its social function by means of its openness and connectivity. Through space design, function building and theme activities, guests are attracted to go out of the room and enjoy the social fun in public space. At the same time, local residents are attracted to use it as a social place.

At present, social hotels in China basically adhere to the principle of "small room, large area". The area of their rooms is basically controlled at 18-27 square meters, just where they sleep and bathe; public space is the main role, with an average of about 300 square meters, and some even up to 700 square meters. It can provide music, parties, reading, office, healthy light food and other functions, and encourage guests to enter the public area and enjoy it. Socialize.
At present, the development of this kind of hotel is based on the concept of social lobby, and its main function is focused on the setting of lobby floor. However, industry insiders also believe that domestic social hotels are not innovative enough, basically imitating foreign successful cases, but some social methods are not suitable for Chinese consumers.
In addition to creating different music themes according to the floor, it also integrates the functions of small music scene in the first floor public area and the top floor balcony of the hotel. After the opening of the hotel, it will rely on the music musicians and fans community of NetEase Yun music, and carry out performances, meetings and exchanges in the hotel from time to time. In addition, the hotel will also open the room audio and user's Netease cloud music account in the future.
Compared with traditional social hotels, another feature of social hotels is the application of new technologies such as internet, mobile internet, AR, VR and so on. In fact, many foreign hotels of this type are closely linked with online social platforms, such as Twitter themes, Instagram platforms and hotel proprietary social network platforms. However, social hotels in China are still based on offline activities, and few of them have access to online and offline social circles.

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